Look of the Day: Phyllis Hyman Realness

I don't care what anyone says, styling outfit is a true talent! So last weekend, I was planning to go to Hyde Park's Silver Room Block Party and I had a look planned out already, only problem was the weather in Chicago was being real janky. So I sat in Chipotle munching down a veggie burrito bowl and planned this look in my head!

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Back in March while on a vintage shopping adventure, I found this cold ass 1980's, sequined pillbox hat. As soon as I saw it I thought "Phyllis Hyman!" For those of you who don't know this queen. Phyllis Hyman was an r&b singer from Philly and a total vintage queen! While Queen Latifah is known for rocking the iconic Queen Nefertiti hats back in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Phyllis Hyman was rockin' 'em first. Trust and believe, this queen will be featured and honored in a future "Fashion Icon Files" post.

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Image result for phyllis hyman hat

Image result for phyllis hyman hat

Image result for phyllis hyman hat

I had this vintage 1970's/1980's Anne Klien disco blouse for years and I only wore it a couple of times since I never knew how to style it. As I showed in my "Casual Sequins" look, adding a nice pair of vintage jeans with a flashy evening top like this or even a sequined blazer will create a casual look. To complete the look, I rocked a vintage pair of L.L. Bean high waist mom jeans, a 1980's pair of metallic gold pumps by The PM Collection 9.2.5., a vintage 80's metallic gold belt, my mom's old gold purse from "back in the day", and my signature fingerless glove. 

The chain necklace is vintage and super 80's hip-hop! I got the doorknocker earrings from A'gaci for a couple of bucks since the store here in Chicago had a closing sale. Lastly, I added a pair of fishnet socks to the look for an extra pop! Thankfully this hat didn't fall off and I barely pinned it onto my hair!

Well, that's all folks! My latest evening meets daytime vintage look. Smooches!



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