Renaissance Woman, Soul Train dancer, vintage lover, cat-mom, historian, mutli-genre artist, Mielle Organics influenfer, vegan. Dro is the creator of the blog and vlog The Dro Show and resides in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL. A 30 year old  graduate at the University of Illinois in Chicago (Fall 2015), business owner of KLT ArtVintagely Velma, Dro has many tools under her belt and many topics to share on The Dro Show.

In 2010, Dro began The Kendro Show by creating advice commentary videos on Facebook as a hobby and eventually started a YouTube account in 2012. Since 2009, Dro has been blogging about different topics such as social justice, advice, hip-hop, and  popular culture. Now calledThe Dro Show, this blog carries a plethora of topics and welcomes people of all walks of life. You'll engage in topics ranging from opinion blogs and news to race relations and beauty. A bit of ratchet, woke (can't stand that word, but it fits here), controversy, fun, beauty, and more, it's impossible to place this blog in a box. The Dro Show blog wishes to raise the consciousness, inform, and entertain readers and supporters.

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