Restaurant Review: Yassa African Restaurant

I've been to Yassa before, but I wanted to make an official review of the restaurant. I went to Yassa African Restaurant last year and I remember having the Yassa Fish dinner. At the African Festival of the Arts last summer, I had the Tiebu Djeun dinner. Both meals absolutely scrumptious which is why I had to return for another one.

Yassa African Restaurant is located in the heart of Bronzeville, right off 35th and MLK Drive and serves Senegalese and other West African dishes. The restaurant was opened in 2007 by Madieye and Awa Gueye who moved from the Chatam neighborhood to Bronzeville last spring after a fire in their old 79th street restaurant. Since then, the restaurant has had much success. I always hear about people going to visit and people absolutely love the food.

My boyfriend and I were greeted by Madieye when we entered the place and Awa also came out to greet us and other customers. In my two times of visiting, I always notice how busy the restaurant is and how diverse the clientele is. People from different races, nationalities, and creeds coming to devour some amazing West African dishes. I had vegetable fataya as an appetizer and for dinner the Veggie Dish with couscous, aloco (a plantain dish), atieke (a West African cassava dish), and steamed cabbage with carrots.

I had the ginger juice the last time I came to Yassa and it's absolutely AMAZING. Super fresh, no preservatives, and plus ginger is amazingly healthy for the body.  

In an interview with DNAinfo, Madieye mentioned how happy he was to be in the historic neighborhood of Bronzeville. Bronzeville has been a cultural hub since the Great Migration Era, even forming its own Bronzeville Renaissance from the 1920's to 1950's, similar to that of the Harlem Renaissance. I think this is a great opportunity for Africans and African Americans to culturally connect and bringing more resources to the community.

Yassa is located at 3511 S. King Drive open daily from 11am-10pm and 11am-11pm and Fridays and Saturdays 773-488-5599. 

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