Look of the Day: West African Fabric Print Jumpsuit

Howdy y'all. This look is so late, it's actually from this past spring in April! Since we're stepping into the autumn season, I said "Let me hurry up and post this so I can snap on the fall fashion." I grabbed this African print one piece jumpsuit for the FREE at an African centered community event last winter. Someone was giving away African clothing, I peeped this and snatched it up oh so quickly before someone else did! Now as a Black American, I think it's very important for us to do our best to research different pieces of African clothing. I just posted a blog about spotting out fake dashikis and African fabrics and how to find the real deal. 

I was told that this is a West African/Senegalese print and garment but I suspect it's could be Ghanian (some West African styled clothing is similar). The design of the print has floral elements in the patterns, but from my research to specify what exact kind of fabric this is, perhaps it's Akyekydeɛ akyi (means "back of tortoise") because of the tortoise shell like patterned design and the overall retro style of the jumpsuit. I'm still welcomed to more education and correction on the fabric and the meaning behind it.

The puff sleeved, button up, jumpsuit came with a matching head scarf which I simply tied around my head since I wore my hair in an afro that day. Of course I'm attracted to bright, colorful clothing, so this orange, gold, and black piece matched excellently with my cowrie shell accessories, chunky bracelet, and It was a little too big for me so I cinched the waist with my patent leather black bow belt and my black pleather, flat ankle boots.

If I'm wrong about this print and where it originates (hell even if you think it's a knock off), please send me information to correct me! Thanks for reading. 

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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