Restaurant Review: Kizin Creole Restaurant

This weekend, I checked out Kizin Creole Restaurant, a Haitain restaurant in the West Rogers Park neighborhood. I visited Kizin Creole in 2013 and enjoyed it then. If I remember correctly, I had the Poul Fri, a roasted chicken dish with rice. I definitely remember the fritters being delicious. I recently went this weekend for the Heart and Soul Pop-Up Shop presented by Women, We Slay, a pop-up shop dedicated to promoting and networking with Black owned businesses as well as group economics. I caught the last moments of the pop-up shop when I arrived. There was a performance by a wonderfully talented singer and her band named Music Reloaded (check out a little clip of her below). This live music selection definitely added to the great experience.

Kizin Creole is owned and managed by Daniel Desir. The restaurant specializes in traditional Haitian cuisine as well as other dishes from the Caribbean. Besides giving customers the dining in experience, Kizin Creole also offers delivery, and carryout services. In the back of the restaurant, there is a large space which allows customers to rent it out for catering or private party hosting. 

For an appetizer, I started off with fried sweet plantains. Y'all know I LOVE plantains and I was more than pleased with these. They even came with a scoop of spicy cole slaw which was delicious. I'm so used to having regular cole slaw, but this added spice made things interesting. The dinner also came with a side salad. I'm not a big fan of iceberg lettuce, however the salad was a nice addition to the meal. If they could serve kale salads, that would be awesome. 

For dinner, I had the Pwason Nan Sos which is "fish in creole sauce". Customers get to choose between red snapper and tilapia, and I chose the red snapper. The waitress assured me the fish was a whole fish and very big, but I'm a foodie so I was down for the challenge. The fish was covered in creole sauce, which is mad of tomatoes, along with onions, bell peppers, and carrots. I expected the fish to be spicy because of the sauce, but it was actually on the mild side, which I have no issue with. I wonder how this would taste if it were salmon (my favorite fish).

On the side, I had black mushroom rice, fried green plantains, and more cole slaw. I originally was going to get white rice, but decided to grab the black. The black mushroom rice was divine. I added a bit of creole sauce to the rice for some extra flavor. 

I am more than pleased with my food here! Everything was delicious, the servers were friendly, patient, and warm, and I am looking forward to returning.

Music Reloaded performing at Kizin Creole 10/29/16



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