Black Owned Business Holiday Guide 2016 (50+ Businesses!)

It's the season for giving and we're encouraging you to give your dollars to Black owned businesses this holiday season and beyond. Some may be wondering: "Why Black businesses? Isn't that racist?" With all of the systematic racial injustice against Black people going on in the country and even across the globe, it's important for communities to create and sustain economic bases in order to rebuild communities, facilities, and political and social organizations. It's time people of color take back their power and do for themselves.

"Can only Black people buy from these businesses?" No! While this guide and guides like these are for the benefit of Black folk, it's encouraged that everyone support these businesses. Take a look at some of the amazing businesses listed below!

That's just a preview of the KLT Art by Kendro Black Owned Business Holiday Guide 2016! Check out the guide with over 50 plus national and international businesses and shop with these small, Black owned businesses this season and beyond!

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