Fashion Icon Files: Sandra Clark from "227"

Every television show had a breakout star. Sandra Clark from the 1980's television show "227" is one of my personal favorite style icons. Played by "Sister Sister" actress, Jackee Harry, Sandra was a fashion force to be reckoned with on the iconic television show. Sandra was known as the sassy, sultry, shady secretary who had expensive taste and always had a new, rich beau on her arm. And we could never forget her classic walk, and constant back and forth with her neighbor, Mary Jenkins played by the iconic Marla Gibbs. Remember her famous "Mary"call?

Sandra's best looks consisted of form fitting peplum dresses, matching two-piece suits, bright, plastic and classic 80's styled earrings, fancy furs, and grand gifts of jewels she'd be given by the wealthy men she would date. What drew me to Sandra's wardrobe was the boldness of her ensembles which definitely made her stand out among her fellow castmates.

However, there was also a air of sophistication to Sandra's style. No matter how "sexy" her dress was, it always remained a classic look. Even when dressing casual and in the most simple pieces, there was something spectacular about her vibrant style and the personality to match.

Here are some of my favorite looks from Sandra:

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Sandra rocking a brown and black, tiger print, two-piece matching suit, with of course a peplum style. Funky and super 80's.

A signature peplum dress, dipped in Pepto Bismol.

Classic red pumps, pearl jewelry, and a black wrap coat.

You know you're certified fabulous when you lounge in the house with a fur peignoir.

Movie screen ready with this sexy, fitted number and matching gloves.

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Sandra at a will reading.

Even when dressing "down", Sandra still looked great.

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Her matching suits were everything. The red bag goes great with this look.

Sandra with a new beau in a casual, coral pink peplum dress.

Blue, shoulder-padded dress with a V-cut back and a pink boa

Patterned sheath dress

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Sandra was so dedicated to fashion, she even designed choir robes to impress the judges for the choir contest. 

Simple green dress, but still fabulous.

That time she had a talk show and came out with the blue and black peplum dress with the bow on the waist.

Gossiping with the ladies of 227 with a fur stole. Looks like mink.

The forecast is hot because Sandra is a true lady in red.

Stylin' in disguise with a trench coat and 1980's futuristic shades.

Off-shoulder, blue, form fitting dress making a sexy statement on "Family Feud"

Even in all black, Sandra was killing it. 

Sandra's style was so great because it's the quintessential 1980's look of "grown and sexy". Regardless of her shade throwin', Sandra's love for all things fashionable, designer, and high class was great a great look seeing that it certainly paved way for characters like Regine Hunter and Toni Childs to be created. Sandra showed us Black women could be bold, fierce, fabulous, and fashionistas and rock any outfit with enough confidence to stop traffic.

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