Look of the Day: Birthday Thang

It's been a long time since I've posted a "Look of the Day" post. Been so busy trying to keep up with current events to blog about, creating art, and the vintage store have all had me super busy. Oh but consistency!

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This right here is a look from my 25th birthday way back in May (I'm saying "way back" like that was such a long time ago). I had a grand ol' time and of course I had to rock my vintage attire because "vintage is life".

I ended up wearing a vintage 1980's Brilliante by J.A. short, beaded evening dress. When I first picked it up, it looked a bit "old timey" for my taste (ironic, right?) until I tried it on and it looked amazing. I'm not a big fan of wear all or mostly black because bright colors is my thing, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and rocked this ensemble.

Everything about this dress screams "vintage glamour". The gold beaded lining is so elegant and detailed. It really gives this dress a minimalist, yet bold feel. Because the dress is so fab, I kept the accessories pretty simple. I wore a pair of vintage 1980's black and gold square earrings, my black satin evening gloves, and this super cute pleather vintage Brio! clutch I purchased while thrifting.

When it comes to formal evening looks, I usually go all out for the make-up, but this time I decided to keep it simple a bit. Gold and bronze make-up with a forever classic red lip, courtesy of my Stila palette. 

I love everything about this look. Classic 1980's, chic, and elegant all rolled into a ball of Kendroliciousness. But wait! There's more! Stay tuned for my second birthday look that I'll be posting soon!

Make-up Products:

Shea Moisture Mineral Foundation in Hazel and Mocha
NYX Face & Body Glitter in Gold 
Remy Premium Virgin Hair Natural Lashes in 103 Black
Stila Ultimate Color Palette

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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  1. I like ur dressq n lipstick too

  2. Simply stunning. From the natural hair to the dress. Excellent accessories. I look forward to more of your looks!

  3. Oh that dress is killer man! I'm definitely getting some super 80s Janet type vibes. I like it!

    1. Thanks sweetie! The 80's is my favorite fashion era!

  4. You look gorg I love vintage pieces....Happy birthday x

  5. Anonymous7/02/2017

    That dress is definitely different, I was getting Gatsby vibes. You looked nice!!

  6. Love this look on you. I love vintage!