5 Fab Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Photo: Indigital.tv / Japan Fashion Week Organization

Summer, you we're a cool season, but the best season of all times goes to autumn. I'm super stoked about sweaters, hot cocoa, animal print two piece suits, crisp weather, and fall leaves. I'm dedicated to totally embracing not relying solely on summer to have fun, vacation, and enjoy life. Especially because autumn is such a dope season and there's still so many activities to get into.

I'm not super big on seasonal fashion trends or fashion trends in general, but checking out some of the looks from 2017 New York Fashion Week and other collections for the autumn season is giving me so much inspiration to create some bomb ass looks. Let's get into some of the top trends for the upcoming season:

1. Plaid Prints

Photo: Imaxtree
Tory Burch

Photo: Imaxtree
 Jason Wu
Plaid is a classic autumn staple for many fashionistas. There's been a trend of grey plaid going down runways from New York to Paris. My favorite plaid pieces are plaid skirts and pants. I think it's pretty safe to say plaid will never go out of style

2. Futuristic Silver & Gold Metallics

Photo: Don Ashby/firstVIEW.com
Brandon Maxwell

Photo: Imaxtree
Jenny Packham
Usually silver and gold pieces are big during the holiday season in specific, however they're making a flashy statement this autumn.

3. Flower Power

Photo: Imaxtree/ Danielle Oberrauch
Photo: Giovanni Giannoni
Pringle of Scotland

Just because it's autumn it doesn't mean you have to trade in flowers for leaves. While typical fall colors of red, burnt orange, and brown are popular for seasonal wear, don't be afraid to go bold and play with typical spring and summer colors and florals.

4. Funky Furs

Photo: Alessandro Garofalo
Francesco Scognamiglio

Photo: Monica Feudi
Miu Miu

Mind you, I don't mean funky as in smelling funk, I mean funky as in groovy, dope, cool. Ya know? Yeah *twiddles thumbs* Anywho. These furs aren't your grandma's vintage beaver coat, these are fun, colorful, hip, and are sure to bring color to any autumn day. Collars, jackets, coats, muffs, and so forth, it's all about colorful furs this year.

5. Pink & Red for the Win

Photo: Giovanni Giannoni
Nina Ricci

Photo: Luca Tombolini
Max Mara

Think pink and see red with a monochromatic look this season with head to toe red or pink. I usually add other colors to bold skirts and dresses like the ones shown above, however it would be fun to wear an entire color from top to bottom. Surprisingly I've never tried that before.



Photo: Umberto Fratini
Coach 1941

I remember back in the 2000's shearling coats were all the rage, and it looks like they just made a major comeback. Now you can match your classic Ugg boots perfectly.


Photo: Yanis Vlamos
Calvin Klein

Go hard or go home. Feathers are really pushing it to the edge and I'm loving every bit of it. I honestly would have never expected for feathers to be trendy in a season like autumn, but it is so unorthodox and vibrant and I can definitely see myself feathered up this fall.

What I'm loving about the trends for Fall 2017 Fashion is the retro themes and unique pieces. I usually play it on the safe side with browns and oranges, but I can't wait to experiment with bold colors and even feathers this season.

What's your favorite fashion trend for the fall? Share in the comments!

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  1. I've always wanted to try mixing prints but didn't think I could pull it off. Might be something i try this fall

  2. Yes! Plaid and pink color are definitely something I want to pull off this fall. It's hard to find affordable shearling and fur esp since I live in the south

  3. Happy to see plaid prints on the list, as I have plenty. Will likely shop for some futuristic metallics this fall.