Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Apple Pie: Autumn Bucket List

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Photo: pixabay

Happy Autumn! I have a feeling this shall be a great season although the weather has been very summery here in Chicago. I'm so excited for the fall that I cooked up an Autumn Bucket List. Check out all the fun things I have planned for the season: 

  1. Bake autumn themed, pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon filled cookies, cakes, pies, and other desserts.
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch.
  3. Make and drink vegan pumpkin spiced latte.
  4. Cook comfort meals from Pinterest recipes.
  5. Rock fabulous autumn themed fashion and makeup looks.
  6. Take dope photography of autumn nature shots.
  7. Learn how to knit.
  8. Attend an opera show.
  9. Sew.
  10. Make and burn candles with autumn-y scents.
  11. Decorate my place with faux autumn leaves.
  12. Sip apple cider and hot cocoa in front of a fireplace while reading a book.
  13. Can fruits.
  14. Get fancy and go to the theater.
  15. Attend fall festivals.
  16. Rock protective styles.
  17. Go to a farmer's market.
  18. Take a walk in the forest preserve. 
  19. Shop for fall and winter clothes.
  20. Attend an autumn formal party.
  21. Blog while wrapped in a cozy blanket.
  22. Make soaps and body butters
  23. Go apple picking.
  24. Dress super fancy and go to a jazz club on a Saturday night.
  25. Attend a musical. 
What are some things you want to do this autumn? Share below!



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