Look of the Day: "Just Change Clothes and Gggoooo"

It's been a hot minute since my last LOTD post! Finally after two months of wintery weather, even when it was officially spring, we're having some real springtime weather. I'm super excited to serve y'all these looks, especially with all the new vintage pieces I've been gathering just 'a waitin' in my closet to be worn. This weekend was my 26th birthday, wooh hoo! Honestly, I'm over birthdays even though I still did the most this year. I just want to dress up, take pictures, eat, twerk, and relax to be honest. I'm at the point in my life where I don't need a day to celebrate me, plus I can have fun whenever.

Nonetheless, I still had to kill it on the fashion tip. So picture it: I'm at the thrift store browsing dresses and I come across this bad ass 1990's beaded, fringed, vintage Nite Line brand dress. Oozing Tina Turner and Donna Summer vibes. It was a size 6, so there was no way I could fit it, so I decided like Solange to put it on my online vintage shop. While photographing the dress, I was like "Naw man, naw. I gotsta wear this!" It was just too dope for me not to rock it.

It's awesome when you have friends who are artists of different genres. If you didn't know, my best friend is a fashion designer and an amazing one at that. So I called the good sis and asked her if she could make a way out of no way and alter this dress for me. She asked for a picture of it, I sent it to her and y'all, she said "Ooh shit! That is so you!" Factuals. To make a long story short, I wore the dress my birthday weekend and tada, here we are now.

I wanted to go for a super glam look. Glitter, fur, metallics, sparkles, all 'a dat.

This look came out looking a lot more 1960's than I expected! I wore this with my Wilson's Leather rabbit fur coat, vintage 1990's/2000's Sergio Bravo studded heels, and jewelry from Forever 21. Came into 26 shining as always!



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Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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