Product Review: Esqido Lashes

Upon first getting into doing my own makeup, I admittedly wasn't really into lashes that much. When I did begin experimenting with lashes, I grew to love the more natural look. It's like putting the cherry on top of a (vegan) sundae. Y'all can keep the thick lashes though, haha! Anywho, mink lash company Esqido Lashes reached out to me a few months ago asking if I'd like to try their lashes. I never wore mink lashes before, so I said "hey, why not!"

I chose the "Radiance" lashes since they're a more natural look. They're described as "light volume" with a "winged out and criss-cross pattern". Here's some more info on the lashes:

The kit came up with the lashes and Esqido's own lash glue called Companion Eyelash Glue. I waited to rock these on my birthday weekend. You can check out the look on my latest LOTD post "Just Change Clothes and Go". Here's how it went down:

I love these lashes! They're light weight, natural looking, great quality, and can be used multiple times. What I like best about this kit is how strong the lash glue holds up. Unlike many drug store brand lash glues, this glue didn't get clumpy and stayed on my lids all night. Like all glues, I added some on and waited 30 seconds until it got tacky. "Radiance" made my eyeshadow look perfect.  Kendro approved!

Use Esqido's lash guide to find your perfect pair of mink lashes.

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