Product Review: Esqido Liners in Black and Dark Brown

The good people at Esqido lashes sent ya girl some liners, y'all! I had such a great experience rocking their mink lashes (review here), the company sent me some of their gel liners to review too.

I received their two liners in "Black" and in "Dark Brown" in a plastic bag along with the company's card and thank you note.

The liners both came in cardboard boxes.

Oh, and here's the 4-1-1 on the liners:

Upon testing both out, I noticed how smoothly they glided on my arm. They're both very pigmented too.

After finally getting a chance to try both for makeup looks, I'm giving them two thumbs way up. What I like best about these eyeliners is that they're super smooth which is a huge contrast from many traditional eyeliner pencils (found at both drugstores and high end stores). Instead of it being a regular pencil, it can be pushed up from the bottom. I was going to say that the only con would be that unlike regular liners, this can't be "sharpened" with an eyeliner sharpener, BUT there's a built-in sharpener at the bottom! Love it!

Here are some of the looks I've created with the liners:

These liners are Kendro approved! Literally no complaints and some of the nicest liners I've used in a long time.

Rating: 5/5

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