Look of the Day: How To Rock A Cocktail Evening Dress In the Daytime


Happy spring, 2022, all that, everyone. It's been such a long time since our last (style) post. I've been traveling, rebranding, living, healing, loving, having fun, eating, planning and living life. Alas, we must get back into the swing of things. Let's talk fashion again. Wearing unorthodoxed looks is a specialty for me which is why I decided to rock this vintage 80's/90's sequined cocktail dress...during the day. Yes this Niteline dress is very much giving after 6pm, but we’re gonna rock it while the sun is still up. 

Classically, cocktail dresses are worn in evening settings at parties, dinners, formal events and such, but never during the day. A key tip in styling an evening dress for a daytime look is experimenting with different pieces of casual clothing.

Finding the Dress

Your first step is finding the perfect dress. I chose a short dress because it can work during the day or night and it's perfect for warm weather during the spring and summer seasons. You can definitely utilize a longer dress too and dress it down in your own way. 

Footwork It

Secondly, choosing the shoes. Instead of picking a of heels, try a trendy pair of boots, flats, sandals. This simplifies the outfit and helps create more of a casual day look. I chose a pair of chunky platform white sneakers from Discovery. A solid white color always works perfectly with any dress. 

Absolutely Accessorize 

As I always say, accessories are the cherry on top to your look. I wanted to add a touch of glamour despite this being a day look. When I first saw this dress, it screamed "pearls" at me for some reason despite it being a simmering sequined piece. I went a bit pearl crazy with not only a pair of gaudy dangle earrings, but also adorned my whole head with pearled hair clips. 

More great tips to rock evening dresses for a casual daytime look include: 

-wearing a blazer, vest or jacket 

-layering with a graphic tee under the dress (works like a charm for spaghetti strap dresses) 

-accessorizing with a baseball cap 

-rocking an oversized bag or tote 

What's your favorite way to style an evening dress for a daytime look?


Dress: Niteline vintage 80's/90;s blue sequin dress
Shoes: Discovery platform shoes
Accessories: Vintage 80's geometric leather purse, Vintage faux pearl earrings, faux pearl hair clips, Vintage Motorola brick phone

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography



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