Look of the Day: Y2K Butterfly


Y2K style and fashion is back like it’s 2003. I remember a time when people absolutely hated early 2000’s fashions and go be fair? I get it. Because why were we wearing layered camisoles, skirts and pants at the same time? Nonetheless, a lot of fire looks came out of the era. Denim matching sets, monogram prints, jersey dresses, everything wasn’t that tacky. 

This look is pretty late, but still one of my favorite looks that I wore at a previous birthday. Obviously the theme was y2k and butterflies! If you were a young lassie back in the day, you certainly remember how popular butterflies were. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them! 

When I first saw this jumpsuit, I absolutely had to have it! It’s a modern piece from a brand called CBR. It’s very much a fast fashion brand (I’m honestly not a big fan of fast fashion) but turning it into a 2000’s piece was super fun. 

You guys know I love accessorizing and it’s the key to adding the finishing touches in styling. Butterfly everything was the choice of course. I added some cute butterfly clips to my tri-bun hairstyle, a butterfly choker, belt, and silver toned jewelry. Had to have the hoops because it was an essential style of ear wear for the time. 

What I loved most about this look’s accessory was the vintage Coach. Super fun fact: I had this monogram shoulder bag since the 2000’s! A classic straight from my closet. 

Now the shoes! How about I made those. Yes I sure did (tutorial loading). I used a pair of old Mudd chunky heels (y’all remember that brand, right?) and repurposed them into those fly hand painted heels with feathers! 

I can’t wait for the next y2k look!



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