Pros & Cons of Wearing Press On Nails

I first tried press on nails back in 2019 and it was a fail. When the pandemic came in 2020, all nail shops and salons were closed so there was no other choice but to learn how to wear press on nails. I am now a believer. 

Let’s break down the pros and cons of press on nails: 


1. Cost Efficient 

No more $80 nail appointments for a manicure and a manicure only. Some custom press on nails are costly due to decorations and being handmade, but most for everyday wear are very affordable. Kiss Nails press on nails cost on average $8. 

2. No More Broken & Weak Nails

The brief time I wore acrylic nails, I noticed my nails getting weaker. On the contrary, my nails still tend to be healthy wearing press on nails.

3. Time 

I love being pampered at nail salons, but sometimes it takes way too much time. Depending on where you’re going, walking into a nail salon means wait time, removing old nail polish, soaking off acrylic (that takes forever), adding on new acrylic, drying time, designs, etc. Wearing press on nails takes from 10-25 minutes. This is so beneficial for “on the go” quick manis too. 

4. Removal & Reusal 

When I frequented going to salons and got acrylic nails, I would have to get my nails soaked off. And that took forever. In comparison, I can easily remove my press on nails whenever I want and even reuse them. 


1. Breaking 

While I love press on nails, the stability isn’t always there. That means your pinky nail might pop off. Getting acrylic nails or just a manicure means more stability. Press on nails can be reapplied and reused, but it can get annoying doing this every time a nail comes off. 

NOTE: When vacationing, I also find press on nails a bit more annoying especially when going on excursions, activities, and just out and about. 

2. Time Frame 

Depending on the brand, press on nails can last up to 7 days or longer based on how they’re applied. Acrylic nails and manicures last longer without the hassle of reapplying nails. 

All in all, I will still choose press on nails although I enjoy getting my nails done professionally as well. 

Would you consider wearing press on nails? 



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