"Soul of Chicago" 1970's Themed Shoot

This past spring, I participated in my school's 33rd Annual Fashion show as a coordinator and a model. As a coordinator, I was responsible for creating a scene, choreographing the walk for the models, and getting clothing from a store to model. At a meeting, the theme of the fashion show was revealed and it happened to be "Chicago". I honestly was sitting in that chair thinking "What a dry theme!" I had already had some potential ideas in my mind, so how could I apply them to the theme of "Chicago"? 

Being a lover of history, I decided to just think of events in Chicago history that I could mirror a fashion scene after. Just thinking of the 1970's and remembering watching a documentary a few years ago about "Soul Train", I decided to go with that theme. I discussed more of it in a post I made a while ago: #Latepost UIC 2013 Fashion Show "Soul of Chicago" Coordinated by Kendra

These are some of the promo pictures I took on the south side of Chicago with an African-American history mural background. I was inspired by a post I saw on Tumblr with a model surrounded by vinyl records, and the flashy fashion of the 1970's. Photos were taken by Warren Alexander of Illavision, make-up, wardrobe, and shoot was creative designed and modeled by yours truly. 

Photography: Illavision

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