Restaurant Review: B'Gabs Goodies

So I told you guys in my last food review, I'm on a mission to an overall healthy diet. Last week, I decided to fast from meat, remove dairy, and gluten from my diet for a month as a test run for a potential vegetarian or vegan lifestyle in the future. Right on time, I checked out a raw vegan food restaurant in Hyde Park called B'Gabs Goodies.

B'Gabs has been on my "Restaurants to Try" list for a while now. The spot was founded by Gabrielle Davarssy and her husband Ron Brigel (who is also a fellow UIC alum) in 2011. According to a 2014 article by DNAinfo Chicago, the current location on 57th street is in the same space where the couple had their first date, in a restaurant called Caffe Florian. The restaurant specializes in smoothies, cold pressed juices, raw and cooked gluten-free and dairy-free dishes.

There's even a mini shopping center in the restaurant that sells natural, hollistic products like apple cider vinegar, shea butter, supplements, and raw honey. 

Peep the Mason jars for cups by the way. I love that idea since I absolutely adore collecting them. I had the pasta dish alongside a bowl of jimaca fries, chips and guac as an appetizer, and my boyfriend had the "B'Gabs Burger". 

The food was really fresh and very tasty. For the guacamole and chips appetizer, I honestly expected more chips as many other restaurants serve them, but seeing that this is an obvious pro-health restaurant, I'm guessing the small portion of chips served based on the correct serving size. I'm not mad at that at all! The meal was filling, but not heavy on the stomach, and I definitely didn't get the "itis" when I was finished eating. What I liked most about my pasta-salad dish was the cashews, sprinkled with a spicy, cayenne pepper. I definitely will be visiting B'Gabs again when I'm in the Hyde Park area to try more scrumptious vegan goodies.



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