Restaurant Review: Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

Last night I went to an Ethiopian Restaurant in the Uptown area of Chicago called Demera Ethiopian Restaurant. I've had the take-out at this restaurant, but this was my first time dining in. The restaurant was founded in 2007 by two Ethiopia natives Tigist Reda and Girmai Lemma who wanted to bring a taste of their homeland to Chicago. Reda is also a chef at the restaurant. 

Ethiopian cuisine is by far one of the most unique I've ever eaten. Traditional Ethiopian dining consists of a large shared plate (optional at Demera) on a large, flat sourdough bread called "injera". Most of all, no utensils are used. The proper way to feast on Ethiopian cuisine is to eat with the right hand scooping the food and the left hand in the lap.

Demera's interior is adorned in warm colors, reminiscent of Ethiopian architecture and decorated with traditional Coptic, iconic Ethiopian styled paintings.

Last night I had the vegetarian Yatkilt wat, a zesty dish with mixed veggies and demera sauce on top of teff, gluten-free injera.

I'm not a drinker, but I will have a glass every now and then. I drank a glass of South African red wine called Excelsior, Cabaret Sauvignon. The waitress told me that there was a 5% alcohol content, but the way my body was runnin' over to the left like Tweet, I beg to differ. Nonetheless, it was scrumptious and contained tidbits of chocolate, plums, black currants, and spices.

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at Demera. The only slight matter was that the waitress had a bit of a snappy attitude and she charged a bottle of wine for two glasses. Regardless of that, I will be returning to Demera Ethiopian Restaurant in the future and I highly recommend it.

Demera is located at 4801 N. Broadway St. open daily from 11:30am-10pm and 11:30am-11pm on Fridays and 10am-10pm on Sundays 773-334-8787. 

Source: Stuffing Yourself on Delicious Tradition at Demera Ethiopian Restaurant



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