Look of the Day: On My Regine-Drescher Ish

Autumn is here, y'all! And I'm super excited! Years ago, I never got the hype for the fall season. I mean, school starts back, it gets darker earlier, the weather gets cooler. I've grown to appreciate the mystique of autumn, the beauty of the leaves changing colors, a reason to snuggle, drinking tea, and most of all- the fashion. When it comes to vintage clothing and fashion across the board, there's something so sophisticated about fall clothing. Layers, beautifully knit sweaters, dark colors.

I opened my online vintage store this past summer, and I've been finding some really funky pieces while thrifting. I found this one particular piece that I was going to sale, tried it on and said "Oh no, honey, this one is mine!" I rocked this 1990's Miss Scarlet vintage, single breasted, gold, navy blue, black, and cream suit dress this weekend. This looker is so early 1990's, very simple and classic, but super hot.

I should have grabbed some nude tights to go with this look, because you can see the contrast between my regular skin tone and my tan line LOL. I'm definitely going to have to blog about the importance of hosiery, give me props for having my spanx on underneath. Still hawt though. 

What I love most about this look is the black satin lined collar and the gold plated buttons. It really makes the look stand out more. Of course the padded shoulders give the dress a more 80's flare as well. For accessories, I wore a pair of gold plated, faux turquoise stone, square earrings from my vintage store. This is perk of selling vintage pieces, you can always go and borrow some of your items, because surprisingly I didn't have any earrings that screamed "1980's/1990's" to me. I was going to add my mom's old metallic gold purse to this look. I think it would have looked great, but I decided to go with my red and brown leather Dooney and Bourke purse to add a pop of color. 

Haha, is it just me or do these shoes look hella llooooonnnngggg on my feet? I promise you my feet aren't that long! I got these vintage Joan & David metallic bronze flats this weekend from the Goodwill store for $10! They're in amazing condition and super cute with the bow on them. I've been looking high and low for a pair of metallic gold flats to match my purse, especially since so many of my vintage pieces of clothing have metallic gold plated embellishments, such as this dress with the gold plated buttons. They're not gold, but metallic and there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching metallics together. 

I was feelin' so Regine Hunter/Fran Drescher in this piece. It's definitely a classic late 1980's/early 1990's look that both characters would have looked amazing in. I'm snapping this whole season regardless of the weather, stay tuned for more, babes!

Photography: Asil Nworb Designs

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