Look of the Day: Hip-Hop Ya Don't Stop

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of hip-hop, especially old school hip-hop. I wore this classic throwback hip-hop look the night I visited Kizin Creole Haitian Restaurant. I had to pull out my favorite femcee albums to pay homage and add to the hip-hop theme. I found this Bold Spirit two piece track suit from Village Discount Outlet for a whopping $4!

Vintage track suits from the 1980's and 1990's were super popular back in the day, not just only for exercise, but also for casual fashion. From my thrift shopping experiences, these are pretty hard to come by. I often see the track jackets, but not the two piece suits, so this was definitely a win, especially with the price.

The track suit is super comfortable and warm. It's made of nylon with a cotton layer underneath. I wore this look in October and it was definitely warm, so much that I didn't need another jacket 

Since this look is so 1980's,/1990's, I had to grab a pair of bamboo earrings to go with them. I got these for a few dollars at a beauty supply store, Studio 27 Beauty Supply (also Black owned!). I purchased the multi-color, vintage top a few years ago from a thrift store. It didn't have a tag on it, so I have no clue what brand it is. Originally, I thought about wearing a plain white top with the track suit, but I wanted to play around with the colors and patterns already on the jacket. Looking back I'm glad I made that decision because I love the overall color scheme.

To add to the hip-hop flavor, I wore my Juicy Couture gold plated heart chain, gold studded fingerless glove, watch, and afro puffs paying homage to Lady of Rage and her iconic hit song "Afro Puffs". While at the restaurant, a woman even noticed and said my puffs reminded her of Lady of Rage.

Of course I had to throw on the Adidas to go with the classic hip-hop theme. I actually got these Adidas Top Ten Hi Shoes in 2008, back in my semi-sneakerhead days, and they're still in pretty good condition. Hopefully I come across another track suit during my next thrifting adventure!

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Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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