Fashion Icon Files: Regine Hunter from “Living Single”

(Updated January 2024)

I remember being a youngin' in the 90's and catching episodes of "Living Single" on television. I genuinely liked all of the four ladies, but Regine Hunter always stood out to me the most. This wig swappin', fashionista was like the second coming of Sandra Clark from "227" who I also covered in a "Fashion Icon File" post.

Regine Hunter, played by actress Kim Fields, was the gossip-loving, divalicious, childhood friend of Khadijah James, played by Queen Latifah. While it's pretty obvious Regine's character had a lot of inspiration from Sandra Clark (even down to the character parallel of Sandra's shade with Mary and Regine's with Maxine Shaw), Regine was definitely a woman of her own. She even worked in the fashion industry as a stylist, complimenting her fierce style.

Regine's style was a diverse array of animal prints, sequins, sheer, and matching two pieces. What I adored mostly about Regine's looks was how she styled every look with a special wig crafted by her personal wig maker. She could even go from glam to casual real quick.

Check out some of my favorite Regine looks:

Giving Cleopatra

And I want that lace dress!

Photo Credit:

From glam to sporty real quick

All the animal print

Giving us Cruella Deville

Photo: Warner Bros Television via Yahoo

That jacket is COLD blooded baby

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Photo Credit:

Remember that episode when she saw the woman in the club with the exact same dress she had on? I never forgot that and I took it personally.

Fabulous for a date

Leave it to Regine to cook in a dress

And most importantly she taught us fashionistas this life motto:

Regine has a timeless look consisting of a wardrobe pieces that can be worn in any era. 


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. It gave me 90's nostalgia. I may even watch a few episodes of Living Single tonight. My favorite look here was probably the argyle. I'd even forgotten that Regine rocked Jordan's, lol.