Look of the Day: The Hip-Hop Mary Poppins

All I'm missing in this look is my lace parasol. This look right here, y'all. I think it's one of my favorites like ever. I got this Johnathan Martin vintage 1980's dress in late May and fell in love. It originally was layered with another skirt but I cut it off. I mean I love an old fashioned look but I don't want to look Grandma Suzanne old fashioned. Now it was on the short side, but I love how it looks. Showing all type of toned legs.

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I created a fascinator hat for my "Gatsby Meets the 1980's" look back in January and I thought a floral themed one would look fabulous with this look and totally set it off. Grabbed some faux flowers from Michael's and went to work! I always wanted a pair of white vintage cat eye sunglasses and I found the perfect pair on an Etsy shop called FrameNFortune. These have been rocked all summer long.

Of course accessories helped tremendously in setting this look off. Vintage 80's swirl gold plated earrings, pearl necklace, white lace fingerless gloves, Cole Haan hot pink purse, and a pair of corkscrew Soft Styles by Hush Puppies kitten heels.

I am so in love with this look! From head to toe, I love how it came together. A touch of 1980's, 1950's elements, and plenty of color and class. Like, how am I not the Hip-Hop Mary Poppins? How, sis?!

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Stila Ultimate Color Palette

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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  1. When I saw this look on your IG yesterday I was blown away . Love, love, love this outfit from head to toe.

  2. Your outfit is so beautiful!!! I am about to subscribe so glad i discovered your blog

  3. Love your use of colour in this look, it's so vibrant!

    Carla x