Look of the Day: $40 Fashion Find

Yes dahlings, it's October and this is a total spring/summer look and it is autumn, but I had to share this ensemble before I bring out the looks for the current season.

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Everyone who reads TDS knows (and if you didn't know, now you know) I love all things vintage, thrifty, and saving money. Put it all together and you get a bomb ass outfit such as this one! I wore this ensemble this past summer when I visited Majani Restaurant for a vegan lunch. Here's a rundown on the price for each piece from this look:

Brownstone Woman New York Blazer: $1

Forever 21 Corset Top: $2

Beaded Necklace: $2

Picket & Post Skirt: $2

Chadwicks Wedges: $7

FrameNFortune Cateye Glasses: $19

Earrings: $3

I had my Cole Haan hot pink purse for a while, so I rocked it with this look. The Brownstone Woman jacket is actually 1X, but I decided to wear it as an oversized look and I'm digging how it contrasts with the corset and skirt.

All the pieces to this look are so cohesive and extremely affordable equaling such a classic look. The mix matched prints and fabrics of lace, polka dots, and flowers, the solid color variations of pink, and the nude heels are perfect for a spring/summer ensemble.

This look is also an amalgamation of different eras; skirt from the 1980's, shoes, purse, and corset from the 2000's-2010's, blazer from the 1990's. Not only is mixing prints a good idea, but also mixing pieces from different eras, especially since retro is in style nowadays. 

When shopping, especially thrifting, never be afraid to stir the pot with different patterns, prints, fabrics, and oversized blazers to set the outfit off no matter what season. 

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Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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  1. You're my fashion inspiration! I recently started thrift shopping and I absolutely love it! You slay without even trying. Can't wait to see what you do this fall.

    1. Aaawww thank you dear! That means a lot to me. Yes ain't thrifting fun af???

  2. LOVE this corset top!!!! Great look and ever better price!

  3. YES! Slay that look. I love how unique your style is. Keep it up 😏

  4. Super cute look. Those prices though... I need to shop with you. I love a blazer, it makes wardrobes go further. I'm subscribing right now.