Asil Nworb Springing Ahead for 2018

Chicago designer Asil Nworb is bringing the heat for 2018. Although it's still winter, all the great fashion designers are preparing for the next few seasons ahead. This multi-color, ethnic inspired dress designed by the SAIC grad rivals some of the best pieces in high end stores and boutiques across the land.

From my knowledge of Asil Nworb's education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the fashion department always pushed out of the box creations. Although the polychromatic number is simple, it still echoes the celebration of creativity and standing out in the crowd. This ensemble fuses "overalls meets dresses" and transcends eras from the 1960's to the 2010's with a vintage, retro, and modern mix and flair. Such an ideal piece to wear for day and night looks, casual or fancy. Whether you're rocking heels or hot pink Chuck Taylors, this garb is spring ready.

Asil Nworb has a knack for designing bold, brightly colored pieces like her 2017 Murukami inspired jacket. Although the artist is still establishing herself and her brand, one can already tell she's carved a signature style via her vivid and vivacious creations. Take a loot at the fabulous photos from this shoot.

Thanks for sharing these amazing designs with us, Jelisa!

Designer: Asil Nworb Designs
Model/Stylist: Shacara
Photographer: JN Artist