Look of the Day: Eighties Does Forties

I love dressing from all eras and this is my first time really going for a 1940's inspired look. This vintage, black and white, tiger print dress is actually from the 1980's but is created in the style of a 1940's dress. In vintage communities, we refer to a vintage, retro designed piece as "80's does 40's". You can replace the eras with other ones too. Basically this means a piece was created in a more current era with a design from an earlier era. For example, a lot of clothing from today is inspired by clothes from the 1990's, so once it goes vintage, it would be labeled "2010's does 1990's". Got it?

I adore suit dresses so much, but it's so easy to look very "blah" in them. I didn't want to go for a regular black heels and black purse look with this which is why I put a 1940's spin to it.

This Fattaneh Bahari dress is everything and more. I love the tiger print split and collars which initially reminded me of a 40's zoot suit dress and inspired me to go for the look. Of course I had to pull out my oxfords to really set the look off. Would you believe I grabbed the white, geometric styled, leather purse for $0.50?! Yup, that's the thrifting life.

To make the look not appear too "old fashioned", I added a "modern" touch with two space buns and a pin curl bang for a vintage touch. And of course I had to rock my FramedNFortune black and white cat eye glasses. A pair of 1980's geometric gold earrings and a long string of pearls made into a choker for jewelry. These accessories along with a classic red lip served 40's fabulousness!

I told y'all I'm applying all the vintage pressure this summer! Smooches!

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