Look of The Day: Back On the Scene, My Favorite Color Is Green!

First Day of Spring, y'all! Not only is it a new season, but it's also the natural new year! Before the Gregorian calendar was created, based off the Roman Empire's Julian calendar, many ancient societies celebrated and recognized the spring as the new year. The death of winter and rebirth of spring and all things new. That's another story for another time, let's get into this look though!

Green is definitely one of my favorite colors. It symbolizes growth, nature, and it's flat out fabulous! Now this look in particular? I've been wanting to wear it for thee longest and finally came through with it. Initially I was going to rock a pair of kitten heel slides with it, but I think my oxford shoes really set the look off.

As you all know (and if you didn't, ya know now!), I'm a huge fan of the 1980's steelo. While this is definitely an 80's look, there's a 1940's vibe going on too (hence the shoes and high waist trousers). In vintage fashion communities, we'd call this "80's Does 40's". An 80's look with 40's influences. It's giving me a hint of Janet Jackson's 1989 "Alright" music video!

I believe the white Karen Scott blouse is actually a pajama top! It has a silky, brocade-like texture. Nonetheless, I loved pairing it with this look, especially alongside the vintage Hermes scarf. 

I'm a big fan of mixing different textures and prints together as well. One of my favorite standout pieces from this look has got to be the Monzo & Franco black and white houndstooth print purse. This screams vintage! Houndstooth is a classic pattern and can work well with almost anything.

This look gives an 80's secretary vibe with a 40's edge. Until next time, lovelies!


Jacket: Liz Claiborne Collection 1980's green blazer
Blouse: Karen Scott 1990's floral print white blouse
Trousers: Casual Corner 1980's high waist green trousers
Purse: Monzo & Franco1980's black and white houndstoot
Accessories: H&M rings, Discovery belt, vintage earrings, brooch and necklace, Hermes vintage scarf
Shoes: Retro black & white oxford shoes

Make-up Products:

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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  1. LOVE this look and Oxfords too!!! YES to bringing style back 💃🏽✨

  2. Sharp girl ! That green is def the announcement that spring has sprung !

  3. Green is beautiful and I love the way you styled this outfit. Spring is here!

  4. Love your shoes, they add pizazz to your outfit.