Look of the Day: "Alright With Me"

Summertime has been so good to me on the fashion tip. I have so many "LOTD" posts to make because a sista been out here slayin'! A couple weeks back, I attended and participated in the Bantu Fest, a Pan-African festival started by Bantu Entertainment here in my lovely city of Chicago. To give a quick rundown, the festival was started by Cameroonian born Silvain Songo, his wife Aisse Ba, and brother in law Babacar Ba. The organization and festival bridges the gap between the diaspora and African continent. This year was beautiful as always! Instead of having it for one day, it was for the entire weekend. I sure do wish it was longer.

I was asked to host the open mic segment, so you know I had to show up and show OUT. Instead of going out to buy a whole new outfit, I decided like Solange to just look in my closet and throw something together because Lord knows I have way too many pieces of clothing I've never worn before.

Last month, I purchased this sassy, fancy vintage (of course) 80's does 40's style, silk, sequin dress. It was very much giving me Janet Jackson's 1990 "Alright" music video where she paid homage to the 1940's jazz culture and even included a cameo from the Nicholas Brothers and Cab Calloway, who were all very instrumental in the formation of jazz music and style during the decade.

Definitely one of my favorite songs and music videos of all time. When I was looking for inspiration on what to wear and saw Cyd Charisse in that sassy red sequin dress dancing alongside Janet?  I said, yup that's it!

Because I'm so extra, I just had to wear a headpiece with this look and I'm so glad I did because it took this ensemble from 50 to 100! I wore this 80's vintage Deborah I wore this past spring in my "Spring Burgundy" LOTD. It definitely gives a Queen Latifah, Phyllis Hyman vibe, but still so 40's.

But to really pull off a definite way way back in the day vibe? I had to rock my black and white oxford shoes plus fishnet socks I got for like a dollar at H&M. I paired it with a cute little sequin purse I bought while vintage shopping. Accessories always set off an outfit and this definitely took this get up from the 80's way back to the 40's. It's certainly "alright with me".


Dress: Stenay Vintage 1980's silk & sequin trophy dress
Shoes: White & black oxford shoes
Accessories:  Deborah Vintage 1980's sequin hat, Vintage 1980's sequin mini purse, H&M fishnet socks, H&M earrings, PWR rings, & gold tone rings, Vintage gold tone & pearl bracelet

Make-up Products:



Photography: Warren Alexander Photography



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