5 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Solo Travel

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 Once taboo, in the past decade solo traveling has became increasingly popular especially among millinieals. While it's great to go on family trips, baecations, friendcations, and more, there is something so freeing about solo traveling. It can be frightening and intimidating to be in a new location by your lonesome, and of course you have to practice safety measures, but the experience is like no other.

Plus let's be honest, how many solo trips gone wrong stories have we heard in comparison to the notorious group trips? Let's take a dive into a few reasons why you should consider solo traveling:

1. Freedom

So many people have been complaining about group trips since traveling has become a lot more accessible. I mean horror story level complaints. Never speaking to that person again level complaints. Restraining order comp- you get the memo. The best remedy is solo traveling because of the freedom. Let’s break down a list of the freedom it brings: 

  • Wake up and go to sleep when you choose 
  • No worries on other people not having money, bringing drama or needing to be baby sat.
  • You can do what you want when you want without having to wait on others.
Even on group trips I'm an advocate for doing what you want when you want (we'll discuss that in another post about why group trips go sour), but it's even better when you have the peace and quiet and no opinions or  to maneuver however you desire. In a few travel groups I'm in, I took notice that folks are tired of waiting on their auntie, cousin, best friend, uncle, boyfriend, co-worker to get it together in accordance to planning and paying for a trip. Sometimes it's best to take that jump and go dolo.

2. Meeting New People/Friends

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I had the pleasure of meeting new people on my solo travels in the most random ways, people I can call new associates and friends now. I may sound a bit biased but, there are some special kind of people who solo travel. People who enjoy their independence, freedom, love to explore and learn, and who are ready to spread their wings and grow. On solo travels, you're bound to run into those like minded people in the most random ways too. I can honestly say getting on a plane going to a destination, sometimes without a (full) plan for when I reached has changed my entire life for the better.

These people often become certified travel friends/buddies in the future too.

3. The Experience

As I stated above, solo traveling has changed my entire life. From meeting new people who are apart of my life now to gaining confidence in maneuvering new territories and cultures. When you're solo traveling there's a unique kind of life experience that you gain by learning how to locate a store via map in a foreign country from your hostel or speak in another language to order your food at a restaurant. You're all by yourself with no one you're familiar with to help you and you're challenged to "figure it out".

Once you achieve those problem solving skills, a new level of self sufficiency is reached and you feel like you can do anything. You went to a whole new place by yourself and didn't have to depend on friends, family, or a significant other for second opinions or a co-sign. There's so much self discovery and growth that comes from these seemingly simple interactions when you look back at the trip.

4. Cost Efficient

I would argue that you don't have to do anything you don't want to do even on a group trip, but people will be more inclined to fall into what the group wants when it comes to traveling with multiple people just to keep the peace and be cooperative. This sometimes can come with over spending. Think of it like this; you would much rather have a laid back dinner and relax one night during a trip to Jamaica, but because of the group you're pressured into going to a fancy. expensive restaurant and go bar hopping afterwards. When you're solo traveling, you don't have to worry about that. If you want some fruit from the local market for lunch and relax on the beach, you can do that. If you don't want to pay for all of these back to back excursions and only do one, you don't have to. There's nothing wrong with having a budget when you travel.

During my first solo trip to Miami for the 2021 Carnival, one night I didn't go out at all. I ordered some take out and relaxed in my hotel room watching YouTube videos because why? I was by myself and made my rules and I still had a life changing, amazing time that weekend. 

5. Learning New Skills

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Because you have to entertain yourself being dolo and as I noted previously "figure it out", you will be more prone to learning new life skills whether tangible or not. While traveling to Las Vegas for a job interview, I began to learn the value of patience while having to deplane and get on another plane due to an error before take off. At the time, I wasn't the most patient person, and I still struggle with patience from time to time, but in that moment of annoyance I reminded myself that I would still arrive to my destination in time and to be grateful that the error was noticed due to safety. 

You may decided to try something new and left field for yourself on a solo trip by taking a martial arts class because that's what people do when they're outside of their comfort zone. Let's also not forget you have to be in charge of your breath taking pictures so you have no other choice but to leave your trip with a new found talent as a photographer. Whatever it is, just don't be afraid to spread your wings and fly.

Next travel post, we'll give some helpful tips on how to effectively solo travel, plus some do's and don'ts with a big emphasis on safety. Until next time.



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