Flying With Spirit Airlines: Pros & Cons

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 Spirit Airlines is truly a sight to behold when the topic of air travel comes up. People either love the cheap deals or they absolutely loathe the cost effective airline. Although there’s an obvious love-hate relationship many people have with the corporation, so many people can’t seem to stop flying with them. Is choosing Spirit Airlines a wise decision? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of flying with the company. 


1. Cost Effective 

This will always be first on the list when it comes to flying with Spirit. I mean, it is a ULCC, Ultra Low Cost Carrier. You can find deals as low as $20 one way and $40 round trip, of course based on your departure and arrival locations. You absolutely cannot beat some of the deals Spirit has to offer in comparison to other airlines.

2. Spirit Savers Club

 Like many airports, Spirit also has their own exclusive membership club. The Spirit Savers Club is an annual membership that allows customers to receive discounts on airplane tickets, bags, seating, and more. When searching for flights on Spirit’s website, there will be a price difference on regular prices versus Spirit Saver prices. 

3. Great For Quick Traveling 

I’ve flown with Spirit from Chicago to Miami and Miami to Chicago with no problems. Flying both cities is about 2.5 to 3 hours which is fairly quick especially if you’re bringing minimal luggage. From my own observation, I noticed the longer the travel time, the more issues occur when flying with the company. So if you’re traveling somewhere quick and there’s no need for too many bags, Spirit is definitely a great low cost option. 



1. Baggage Fees

Before I flew with Spirit, I would consistently hear people complain about the high baggage fees in particular. While you may feel you’re getting a deal with a $35 plane ticket to New York City, you’ll have to pay roughly $35 to $100 depending on these factors; locations, weight, number of bags, and when you purchase the bag fees. 

In comparison to Southwest who has a two free bag policy, or American Airlines who has a standard basic economy fee of $30 for one bag and $40 for another bag when traveling within the U.S., your total may end up being about the same amount as paying with a higher priced airline. 

2. Poor Customer Service & Reputation 

All businesses have their hiccups, but there has been an excessive dragging of Spirit, their customer service issues, and a myriad of other shenanigans for the past decade. Many complaints include constant flight delays, cancellations, being unable to reach customer service reps, and other issues. Last year CBS News reported Spirit Airlines as number two in the airlines with the most negative complaints for 2022. They also came in number two for the worst airlines in the United States. The Business Insider article also stated Skytrax has an average rating of 2/10 from customers with a total of five thousand plus reviews. Yikes on bikes. 

3. No Entertainment & No Snacks 

Unlike most major airlines, Spirit Airlines does not offer in-flight entertainment or courtesy snacks and beverages for customers. Nope, not even a cup of water. For someone like me who brings their own snacks, that’s not an issue, but everyone doesn’t vibe like that. There is Wi-Fi available, but it costs. Pack accordingly and bring a book or some form of entertainment. Which brings me to the next con. 

4. Fees. Fees, Everywhere 

In referencing number one and number three, Spirit Airlines is known for charging fees. Although the company brags about being a ULCC, the way they make up for being charging low cost tickets is by the fees. Baggage fees, Wi-Fi costs, food and beverage fees, early boarding, printing boarding pass at the airport, changing seats and more. While many airlines do charge fees for things like changing seats, Spirit does seem over the top with everything else. 


It’s truly your prerogative when it comes to the airline of your choosing. In my opinion, a quick 1-3 hour trip with Spirit is the best. I haven’t flown internationally with them, but I would consider it depending on pricing and comparing it with other airlines. 

Have you ever flown with Spirit Airlines? Share your experiences below! 



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