Look of the Day: A Touch of Vintage

It's finally feeling like summer in Chicago. For the past two years or so, we've been having very cool summers when we usually have very hot summers, contrary to the city's "Windy City" nickname. I was listening to some oldies, was feeling real nostalgic and decided to wear this cute 1960's styled dress with a few other retro accessories. To my surprise, once I stepped outside the humidity was on another level baby. I decided to wait to wear this particular dress (plus I want another specific accessory to add to the look), so you'll just have to wait for that look :)

Instead of the 1960's dress, I decided to wear a short turquoise blue colored Marilyn Monroe brand dress with a bustier crafted front part. I actually purchased this dress last year from the Macy's on State Street in Chicago. My best friend got me a Macy's gift card for my birthday and I got it for the low low; on clearance for about $10 if I remember correctly. Now, I never shop at Macy's, for clothes in particular. Honestly, I think the clothes are pretty boring (and they should have kept it "Marshall Fields"), but cute if you're looking for some simple pieces to add to your wardrobe; a plain black dress here, a white blouse there. But back to the dress: When I spotted this little number on the clearance rack, I had to grab it. Plus, I didn't really see anything else I really liked.

The dress has a really elegant brocade like design on it and as I mentioned previously, a bustier like design in the front. To continue my vintage theme I had going on, I rocked this dress with my white Coach shoes, a few pieces of colorful jewelry, my Dooney & Bourke heart purse (hiding in the photos), and a floral scarf. This look remained bold and colorful just like I like my ensembles to be, but was pretty simple for my style. I do like to tone it down sometimes and just go with the "less is more" look every now and then.

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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