Look of the Day: Red Hot Retro

It's been a little minute since I've done a "Look of the Day" fashion blog. So the summer is coming to a close and I've been wanting to wear this dress for the whole season. I purchased it this past winter at a thrift store and I wanted to wear it for a somewhat special occasion or event. I rocked this retro red and white polka-dotted dress at the African Festival of the Arts in Washington Park. By the way, you can check my coverage of the event here :)

Along with the dress, I thought it would be snazzy to pair it with some white, open toe kitten heels (also vintage, courtesy of my mother), white, lace, open fingered gloves I wore for a vintage shoot I did a few years ago, a pearl necklace, red patent leather belt, red scarf to add a touch of rockabilly, and a straw, strawberry clutch I've had in my closet for the longest. A few years ago, I bought these amazing vinyl record, Motown earrings but I lost one of them due to not wearing an earring back (I hate that). I wore the lone vinyl earring in one ear, and a pearl earring in another.

I couldn't really pinpoint which exact era the ensemble captured. I thought it made a mid to late 1950's/early 1960's statement, but someone else commented that it was also very 1940's-esque. All in all, I really loved this look and I'm glad I finally got a chance to sport it before summer's official end, especially seeing that this is the last weekend to wear white shoes (I'll probably still wear white though :) )

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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