Look of the Day: Autumn Leopard: How To Wear All Black With Animal Prints

Finally! I'm finally posting an autumn look! This season has been super busy for me and almost every weekend that I wanted to shoot a look, it rained outside. Womp womp! But here I am, vintage, fashionable, and chic ready for the season.

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Although this ensemble presents somewhat of a bold black theme, I'm quite the opposite from the "all black everything" outfits. I love bold, bright colors and expressive patterns. I love experimenting with different prints, especially animal prints, so this ensemble was right up my alley.

I purchased this vintage animal print collar and cuff Sunshine Starshine black dress a few years ago and I've worn it a few times, but this was my best look with it thus far. I'm not exactly sure which specific era it's from, but based on the tag and the style, it may be from the 1970's or 1980's. The leopard print collar and cuff just does it for me by transforming a plain black dress into everything chic and edgy.

You would think the kufi hat came with the dress, but no no no my sisters and brothers! I got this hat for free.99 at a Black History Month event I vended at a few years ago. Someone was giving away free clothes and I grabbed the hat and the orange and gold African print jump suit quickly before someone else did!

At first, I planned on wearing this look with a pair of vintage Massimo Baldi leather black and gold heels, but as I looked through my closet I spotted a pair of animal print Prima Royale 1990's chunky heeled platform heels. Now these shoes are obviously screaming spring and summer, but I don't care! I think they're a great, funky addition to the look and not too overbearing with the leopard print theme. The leopard (or cheetah) print shoes are darker than the print on the hat and on the collar and cuffs of the dress and the pattern is much smaller, however I feel it looks stylish and creates a contrast with my black stockings and kept it real autumn-y.

As for makeup, I wanted to create a full out autumn look because, duh it's fall! I'm so in love with the Juvia's Place "Nubian" palette and I used the burnt oranges and reds to give my eyes a festive, yet colorful feel. Dark lippies are key for bomb autumn makeup and my e.l.f. cosmetics Velvet Matte lipstick in "Vampy Violet" did the job and did it well.

Y'all know I love vintage pieces of jewelry to add the cherry, nuts, and vegan chocolate on top. I wore these clip on earrings in my "Fishy Business" look, my usual vintage rings, along with a new gold toned, geometric brooch straight out of the 1980's. I went with my mom's old metallic gold purse from "back in the day" instead of a black purse to add more color and contrast to the look. 

As for my hair, yes issa wig because issa wig season aka protective style season (AND with the constant shrinkage, my hair is on punishment right now). You guys more than likely will barely see my glorious natural hair from now until next spring (unless I decide to take it down or there's a warm day out) so the wig game will and shall be on point. I purchased this wig from Studio 27 Beauty Supply for $20 and it's so fye. Unfortunately I don't have the full details, but it's from the brand Model Model. It gives such a chic, retro look. 

"Autumn Animal Print" is giving me 1960's although most of the pieces are more than likely from the 1980's-1990's. Just because it's autumn, it' doesn't mean you have to stick to dark colors and just because you're wearing all black, it doesn't mean you have to stay within that range. Even if you can't find a dress exactly like this Sunshine Starshine outfit, sewing animal print cuffs and collars onto a plain black, sleeved dress will give a little black dress a lot of "oomph!" Never be afraid to wear bright colors and dress up a look with funky, wild prints! Create that contrast, girlfriend!

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