Look of the Day: Word to Ya Motha Mom Jeans

What's a vintage wardrobe without a classic pair of "mom jeans"?

In the past few years, mom jeans have made a major comeback within the modern fashion industries. I've always loved the high waisted look because it's so timeless, chic, and were worn in multiple eras (except the 2000's when Beyonce and Britney Spears popularized low riders of course). Luckily, I came across a pair of vintage 1990's Lee high waist mom jeans on one of my latest vintage shopping adventures. Excited wasn't even the word to describe how I felt!

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Trust and believe like Keyshia Cole, you will see these jeans worn multiple times in future LOTD posts! I mean what's not to love about 'em? You can rock them with almost any look from casual to fancy and the quality is amazing. This is why I absolutely love vintage hunting and thrifting. You're bound to find unique pieces from different decades that still remain in great shape.

I chose to go for a casual, yet striking look. Upon a thrifting adventure, I picked up thee cutest white ruffle sleeve shirt ever by Marnie West. I always wanted a ruffle shirt because of how cool Prince always looked during the Purple Rain era. Oh and Shelia E. too! Can't forget about her ensembles during the 1980's *cues "Love Bazaar" in the background*. Although this blouse doesn't have the ol' ignant, flamboyant ruffle collar like Prince's, I still love it nonetheless. I was just a shakin' with those sleeves, honey! To top off this look, I wore my Austin Reed red and gold buttoned blazer along with a vintage West African printed headscarf from one of my mom's old outfits from back in the day and my brown leather booties I wore in my "Sweater Season" post.

If this fit ain't 90's, I don't know what is! But in all honesty, I'll be so glad until the weather really gets warm so I can get out of this damn room taking pictures. Woo-sah! But anyway, I think this is one of my favorite casual looks. Very simple, but still bold and of course vintage from head to toe!


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  1. Yassss I love the whole look those jeans just look amazing on you I actually love how you styled everything especially the headwrap im a sucker for print headwraps keep it up hun !!!

  2. I've never been able to successfully rock mom jeans but you are KILLING this outfit gurl! Love the headwrap too!
    Tisha x

    1. Thanks sweetie! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. You really made these jeans look good! 🔥