Look of the Day: 2oo0's k!nD@ w0rlD

It may be 2019, but ain't nothing wrong with an early 2000's steelo! Ever since I was a child growing up in the late 1990's/early 2000's (I've told this story over and over, but I have to keep reiterating it haha), I always wanted to dress like the grown womenz on the tv screen.

Josie and the Pussycats, Destiny's Child. Britney Spears, Moesha, and so many more were the sources of inspiration for my budding love for fashion.

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I absolutely lived for the high waisted, rhinestone studded jeans, glitter tops, rainbow hair streaks, and all things tacky. Yes, a true element of 2000's fashion was tackiness. I've often seen so many website discussing how tragic 00's style was, but I lived for every bit of it. I'm sure I would have enjoyed myself thoroughly if I was adult back in the day.

Now this look in particular is actually from last summer. I was going to The Rink skating rink here in Chicago, an iconic skating center on the south side, and had to dress the part. 

Back in the mid to late 2000's, going skating was indeed the move for my friends and I. Skating has also always been a big deal in the city too.

I came across this super cute blue jean romper while thrifting and it screamed 2000's! I always wanted one of those joints back in the day but never got one. I went for a hip-hop look so I paired my vintage baroque jacket from Bold Spirit and my Timberland heels for the look.

I had these Timbs since like 2007 and only rocked 'em a few times! I honestly never really knew how and wear to wear them, until my style became solidified!

Of course I had to be extra af with the picture edits. Nothin' like a MySpace, glittery aesthetic to go with a 2000's look.

Until the next look!

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Jumper: Xoxo 2000's blue jean jumper
Jacket: Bold Spirit 1990's baroque styled jacket
Accessories: H&M rings & socks, A'gaci earrings, Kokorokoko Vintage shades, Juicy Couture gold chain
Shoes: Timbaland wheat boot heels 

Make-up Products:

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography / PicsArt App

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  1. Girl I was so on point I said on your IG you giving me Y2K vibes. Beside the 90s the 00s was a great era that was my teen years I loved it so much!!!

  2. I so enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. I was in my prime during these years. I was out here looking fly/tacky with the rest of them. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute.

  3. This post brought back so many wonderful memories. Yes! Early 2000 vibes at their best.

  4. I'm so happy about this post. I have a 2000s theme brunch I am supposed to go to next week. I literally text my friends earlier today and said what did we wear in the early 2000s? Lol, good looking out lol.

  5. Looking great, girl! I'm loving the 90's vibes! Bringing back great memories growing up!

  6. Such a fun look. I like how you paired it with the times. Back in the early 2000s, I use to wear a pair of pink timbs all the time

  7. Loved this post and remembering all the items that I had during these years! Ohhh how I miss these days! LOL!

  8. Loved this post and remembering all the items that I had during these years! Ohhh how I miss these days! LOL!

  9. This would be the perfect look for the B2K tour that's happening right now! I love that throwback style