Look of the Day: Yellow Feva ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ–ค

Looks like I'm going to have to dabble in more early 20th century looks, because this one is fiyah! Last week, my bff asked if I wanted to visit the Richard Driehaus Museum here in Chicago. Funny thing, I recently found out about the museum this year and decided I wanted to go. It's dedicated to the Gilded Age of the late 19th century and early 20th century. 

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So of course knowing me, I had to show up and show out with the appropriate attire! While this look isn't exactly Gilded Age accurate, it's close enough! 

Yellow and black is a great color combination, especially for the springtime. The touch of white with the oxfords and cateye sunglasses (which aren't so 20's/30's, but still so vintage) really adds some umph to the look. 

 I was going to style my natural hair, into a victory roll hairstyle (again, not 20's/30's, more so 40's) but I was like:

Image result for aint nobody got time for that

So I decided like Solange to just rock my pixie cut finger wave wig for a very flapper vibe! I definitely felt like I was going to bust out doing the Charleston dance. My favorite details on this look have to be the eyeshadow, the wig, the long pearl strand necklace (complimentary to the Roaring Twenties), and the overall color scheme. Lastly, I love how I added a hot pink lippie instead of the classic red look. Pink lips made this look a lot more seasonal appropriate and vibrant af.

My first official spring look and I'm here for it!

Charlston Twenties GIF - Charlston Twenties Dancing GIFs


Dress: Whirlaway black and yellow 80's does 20's drop waist polka dot dress
Purse: Monzo & Franco 1980's black and white houndstooth purse
Accessories: Vintage earrings, faux pearl necklace, freshwater pearl necklace as bracelet, KLT Vintage & Retro faux pearl ring, FramedNFortune vintage cateye sunglasses
Shoes: Retro black & white oxford shoes

Make-up Products:

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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  1. Cute throwback ! I simply love the yellow and black colors !

  2. I adore this look. Yellow on brown skin always looks amazing. You nailed this look.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the outfit! The Yellow looks amazing on you! And polka dots will forever be one of my favorites!

  4. So cute! I love polka dots and that yellow looks bomb on you, but I’m dying over your sunglasses! LOVE!

  5. You slay the vintage fashion. You know how to make vintage modern and fun and that yellow is a great welcome to spring!