6 Things I Am Learning On The Journey of Success

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In my travels to success, I've come to the realization that there were many things I (and others in my peer-group) were not taught that should have been stressed more. I do believe this is apart of the reason why so many millennials, especially those in our mid to late 20's, are having a hard time adjusting and maneuvering into young adulthood. However, not all is lost! Life is all about learning and creating the best experiences on this journey. Here are some important lessons I've learned on my way:

1. It's A Journey

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(Hence the blog title!) Our society has the tendency to preach and promote as soon as you get that one achievement, life will be perfect! However, it doesn't work that way. First of all, life isn't perfect and never will be. Secondly, even when obtaining that business, that degree, that certification, etc, there is still a journey of continuing to level up and progress. This is why I appreciate the slogan "enjoy the process". Many people underestimate how fulfilling it is to enjoy the journey of success. It's just as important as the final destination. You have to train your mind to appreciate every step of the way.

2. It's Not Linear (Perfect Timelines Don't Exist)

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American society has tricked many people into thinking that there is a specific, cookie cutter and one size fits all timeline towards success (and happiness for that matter). This may be applicable to some, but it's not applicable to all and I'm glad more people like the millennial generation is being honest and open with that. There are roadblocks, bumps, accidents, and other factors that do not make the drive to success easy, but it's all about how you view and take on the challenges because "trouble don't last always".

3. Failure Is Normal

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This connects with number 2. As a young entrepreneur, I've become accustom to failure being apart of the ups and downs of running small, online businesses. I wish this was something that was expressed more while growing up, but I am grateful I learned this while I'm still young. In high school, a counselor told me that "life is about coping" and that message has never left me. Through the failures, I've learned how to be humble, how to take l's as a learning lesson, and use the experiences to make a greater comeback.

4. Success Does Not Need To Be Flashy

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If you know me personally, you know I am not into telling people about myself (in terms of my artistry and business), unless asked for specific reasons. My work speaks for itself and I'm not in the business of proving anything to people or telling people my business (some folks aren't interested in what you're doing, they just want to be nosey!),

Many people believe that they have to show and prove to people that they have arrived. To each it's own! Also, some people just like to show off what they have, no biggie. However, it's not always necessary. I'm learning the art of privacy even with all that I post on social media. While trying to build brands and followings via the internet, it's so important to have a balance of sharing experiences, photos, and more, but at the same token valuing your private life. That applies to success as well. I'd rather not let people know where I'm going, how I'm living, what I'm driving, who I'm dating and so forth because I value that private area of life.

5. It Breeds Jealousy & Contempt

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I'm still on my journey and haven't arrived to my destination, but boy oh boy, the jealousy has been real. I don't find joy, an ego boost, or brag about people being jealous of me if it comes to the point. I also acknowledge that not everyone is jealous. Hey some people may genuinely not care for you, and that's just fine like Mary J. Blige. However, when there is jealousy at hand, it's a mess.

Jealousy and envy also does not only come from those who have "less" than you, as many people suspect. It can even come from folks who have more. Jealousy and envy has no face. This is why I personally feel that material success is not enough and not always a good measure of success. No matter where you go in life, you must stay humble, make sure your heart is right, and vet people.

6. Having A Healthy Mindset Matters

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This is a follow-up from number 5. As I stated, material success is not enough and not always a solid determining factor of success. Outward success expresses wealth, money, and accolades, but it does not always equate to being content, good self esteem, or a positive self-image, believe it or not. Before anything else, I'm eternally thankful to the Most High for peace of mind, healthy self-esteem, confidence, and being content. For me, those attributes are apart of the foundation for my success. I can have all the praise and fame in the world, but without going to sleep at night knowing I love who I am, what I do, and who I'm becoming. This doesn't mean everything is set in stone, but it means that above all, I am courageous, persistent, and content with all that I experience and achieve.

What are some of the lessons you've learned on your journey of success? 

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  1. Very truthful post. I agree with every single point. My lesson learned is to move quietly and keep your circle tight .

  2. Great Post! I love the winding road to success, this is very true! Many believe its a straight path but its not, life takes you on many journey's but just stay the course and you will reach your goal

  3. SSuccess is definitely not linear. Its a journey and we just have to be positive as we are cruising on it!