Look of the Day: In Living Color

I took a trip back to the 90's this weekend. The 90's is one of my favorite eras, especially pertaining to Black American culture within the time. The movies, music, but most importantly for me, the fashion, was so bomb and innovating.

I planned to attend a 90's party this Saturday, and could you believe a vintage queen like me was lost on what to wear?! Yes, chile. After being stuck, I decided like Solange to watch some old clips of Soul Train (one of my favorite old school shows) to get some inspiration. I came across a 1991 clip of  dancers jammin' to "Can't Let Her Get Away" by the late Michael Jackson, I saw the light!

Do y'all see mama at the 0:40 second mark? Not only was sis getting down, but the outfit was bangin'! Sheer sleeve dresses and catsuits were all the rage back in the day, especially in all black. So simple, but so sexy and sleek. I had to have it like Spike Lee. Headed on down to Amazon and found a sheer sleeve catsuit to don.

What was even better about the fit is that it has sequins, one of my favorite embellishments on clothing. This addition definitely gave the overall ensemble even more of a vintage feel.

Despite the fact that the party was a dud, I am so in love with this look, especially since I choose to style it with my vintage Nicole/J-Farrah colorblock "Picasso" blazer. I had this joint since 2011 and recently discovered the Picasso design on the back, how dope is that! I love funky colorblock pieces and this one screams early 90's with the abstract, geometric pattern and print. 

I was a bit apprehensive to wear combat boots and the good sis did in the Soul Train clip, but this was the best choice. I thought it would look too harsh with the overall look, but it has a very balanced back up dancer for Bobby Brown circa 1992 vibe goin' on. This would have also looked great with a pair of solid color, bright heels or flats as well. 

My favorite thing about this look? Oh, definitely the background! I had to edit these with a New Jack Swingin' style to throw in a lot more early 90's flava. I nailed this decade foreal. Until next time!

Image result for new jack swing gif


Blazer: Nicole/J-Farrah Vintage 80's/90's "Picasso" Colorblock Blazer 
Accessories: H&M earrings, Vintage chain necklace, Discovery Clothing chain belt, Claire's black satin gloves, Vintagely Velma vintage gold faux pearl ring
Shoes: Guess combat boots

Make-up Products:

Photography: Warren Alexander Photography
Edits: Yours Truly. Backgrounds from Freepik & Rawpixel.com



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