Mielle Maven Magic: Becoming An Official Influencer

 After years of blogging about natural hair, I'm so proud to announce that I'm a Mielle Maven for Mielle Organics natural hair line. 

Back in 2010 when I did my big chop, I was ready for the natural hair world. Didn't know a thing but was simply ready to get the remainder of the creamy crack out my hair. My process of learning how to regrow my hair, work with my texture, find my porosity (still struggling with this), and more has been years of trial and error. I was introduced to Mielle Organics by my mom who was thrilled that the founder Monique Rodriguez was a former RN (my mom is one so that's the correlation). Coincidentally in the winter of 2016, I won a natural hair contest on Instagram and was gifted the entire original Mielle collection and was sold!

I'm so excited that I'm an official maven now and I get an opportunity to help educate more people about this amazing Black owned business through the joy of natural hair care.

Be sure to stay tuned for so much more good stuff I have to present from the Mielle family. Shop and use my code 9843H6 at the Mielle checkout for 15% off!



  1. Wow your fro is amazing! I'm not suprised that they would select you for this. Congratulations! Mielle products are great!

  2. I love your curls and way to go on the collab that’s awesome!

  3. Love love love ❤️

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