6 Airport Tips & Tricks: Best Hacks for Flying

 Travel season is officially loading. Travel season can be whenever you want it to be, all year round, certain seasons, but for the most part it’s spring and summer. It’s always important to make a smooth transition into going to airports in order to get to your destination on time, safe and stress free. 

Here are some easy hacks for flying: 

1. Arrive Early 

If my flight is scheduled to leave at 12:45pm, trust and believe like Keyshia Cole I will be at xyz airport at 9:30am. I love getting to the airport early for a few reasons:

  • To get through TSA lines in a timely fashion 
  • Just in case there may be an issue with ticketing, seating, etc

I love getting to my gate relaxing, munching on my snacks, getting some work done and waiting for my plane to board. Being early is being on time. 

2. Have Your ID & Other Documents Handy & Ready

Your id is so important in identifying who you are as you pass through security. I purchased a cool lanyard wallet with a built in cellphone case where I can easily access my id and other important cards. It’s important to know exactly where your id is located so it doesn’t get lost and so you’re not holding up the line searching for it. Be a team player with other passengers and airport staff so everyone can move through the security lines smoothly. 

3. Dress Comfortably 

Travel days are known to be busy, tiring, and can be hectic. It’s best to dress comfortably for maneuvering through the airport, unless you’re just absolutely ready to walk the runway. Here are some airport clothing ideas:

  • Sweatshirts 
  • Hoodies (preferably with pockets)
  • Sweatpants and jogging pants (again, with pockets)
  • Comfortable slip on shoes 
  • Track jackets 
  • SOCKS! 

Be sure to adhere to the weather and temperature to the place you’re traveling to before leaving to ensure comfort. I’ve flown during all four seasons to humid hot places and cold ones and personally I still wear a sweatshirt and jogging pants as my default outfit. I even add on a jacket because it can get chilly on certain aircraft. If needed, I change clothes when I get my luggage in the airport bathrooms depending on how cold or hot it is and where I’m going. 

Photo by Rob Wilson on Unsplash 

4. Pack Correctly & Adhere to TSA Rules

I was returning home one time and I accidentally put a container of body scrub in my carry on bag instead of my check in bag. TSA carried my poor little scrub away. Ouch. There is a major TSA rule of not having liquid items over 3.4 oz. Knowing how to pack correctly is important so you don’t have to have items confiscated or waste time rearranging your wardrobe and toiletries in the middle of the airport (again, see the first tip on time management). 

Packing accordingly also applies to bringing the correct sized luggage to the airport. Besides TSA, always check in with each individual airline you’re flying with, although most have the same regulations. There are plenty of parking tutorial videos on TikTok and YouTube that will show you how to pack and what to pack. 

5. Regularly Check for Flight Updates

One time I was flying into Miami from Louisville and my gate got switched at the last minute. I got to my gate in more than enough time, but if I hadn’t checked or received notifications? It’s so important to check flight logs and monitors or have flight notifications via email or apps to not only ensure you’re at the correct gate, but to also be informed on boarding times and possible delays and gate changes. 

6. Bring Snacks & An Empty Water Bottle 

As mentioned above, liquids over 3.4oz aren’t allowed in personal item bags or carry on bags and no one wants to pay a whopping $12 for a bottle of water at the airport (trust me, I did this in Vegas and you don’t want to do that). It’s best to bring a clean, empty water bottle to grab water at fountains or other beverages once you’ve passed security. 

Airplane snacks are cool, but I absolutely prefer to bring my own snacks. I’m also vegan and my diet is limited, so bringing my own goodies helps a ton. This also saves money from buying pricey snacks in the airport and you can enjoy your own food. If there are delays, having your own snacks is beneficial in case you get hungry. I usually pack mine in my personal item backpack. 

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