3 Ways To Get Free Beauty Samples (Fragrance, Makeup, Skincare & More)


In the past couple years, I've been focusing on investing in more mature fragrances and perfumes. It's such a fun filled journey by trying out different scents and choosing which ones work for you. I refuse to be a hoarder of fragrances, but I've definitely found a lot of winners especially high end ones. How have I been discovering fragrance samples you ask? Samples! Samples everywhere. 

Not only are samples great for finding your new favorite fragrance, but they're also perfect for utilizing for traveling since they are travel size.

Here are ways to get free fragrance samples:

1. Social Media

By liking, following, and interacting with posts from brands that sell fragrances like Lancome, Macy's, and Givenchy (or similar brands), ads usually pop up on your timeline offering complimentary samples. This method also works for skincare and makeup samples as well.

2. Product Testing Websites & Apps

Websites and apps like Influenster, IPSY, and other sites are great for grabbing free samples. There are a few catches. Depending on the site or app, you have to leave reviews or pay a subscription fee. 

3. Buying products 

Another way to get free samples is by making purchases at stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Sephora often give free samples with purchases. You can even get free samples for your birthday too! 

Grabbing free samples often comes with some extra work or money from your end, but they’re worth getting.

What are some ways you find free samples? 



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