Restaurant Review: Batter & Berries

Remember I said that Litehouse Whole Food Grill is my favorite (Black owned) restaurant in Chicago? Well, Batter & Berries is definitely my other favorite restaurant! This brunch restaurant has to be one of the most popular spots in Chicago. Every time I visit, it's packed and people are waiting outside to get their grub on. Believe me, the food absolutely lives up to the hype.

Batter & Berries is owned by Craig Richardson, his wife Tanya Reeves-Richardson-MD, and Chef Derek Rylon and was opened in May 2012. The restaurant's most popular dish is the divine french toast which is the reason why folks come from all over the city to experience Batter & Berries. Before I went the gluten-free/dairy-free route, I was fortunate enough to try their french toast and it was delicious.

Gorgeous nature themed photographs and painting adorn the sun-lit yellow wall and there's a big table in the middle of the restaurant that reminds me of a diner set; multiple people can sit there to eat. Batter & Berries is a small spot in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. I wonder if the owners will ever relocate to a bigger space because of the popularity and being able to hold more customers. Perhaps this current location is more convenient, but I'd still love to see a larger location.

While it's always crowded at Batter & Berries, especially on the weekends, the staff is always on point, professional, and gets the job done. Last October I came for brunch and sat next to a group of customers who I feel were purposefully giving the waiter a hard time. Probably in attempt to get a free meal. The waiter was kind, professional, and patient with the customers, and I applaud that because those customers were a hot mess on purpose.

During my recent visit, my boyfriend and I waited for about 35 minutes, got in around 11am and got our food really quick. I had the Veggie Omelet with fruit on the side and the sweet potato hash browns. The hash brows were a little burnt on the sides, but still good nonetheless. I loved everything about the veggie omelet. It was seasoned to perfection and I admired the way the vegetables were placed on top of the 

I love tea in the morning and ordered a cup of Red Nectar tea and baby, it was the most delicious tea I've ever had!

The Lamb Trio

Here are the dishes from a previous visit in the fall.

Spinach and mushroom omelet with sweet potato hash on the side. I'm telling y'all, that sweet potato hash is the

And Chocolate Chip French Toast with eggs and chicken patty sausages on the side (first photo).

Hopefully Batter & Berries will bring in some gluten-free and dairy free options so I can enjoy the delicious french toast in the future. 

Source: Batter & Berries restaurant owner talks French toast

Rating: 9/10

Batter & Berries is located at 2748 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 open from 8am-3pm everyday of the week 773-248-7710



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