Look of the Day: The Fly Red Line

Have you ever created a look in your mind and it came out perfectly in real life? That's exactly how this look right chere went. Last spring, I purchased this gorgeous two piece David Rose dress and jacket and I've been itching to wear it since then. I'm not a huge fan of red, but there's something so strong and fiery about the color.

This dress and look in general exudes femininity, class, and elegance, just how I like most of my looks! Although this actual dress and jacket are from the 1980's, it's very reminiscent of a piece from the 1950's. I always saw myself wearing this dress with my purple Riverstone cowgirl boots and decided to grab my purple and gold sequin hat from the 1970's too.

My style is heavily reliant on details and accessories. I loved adding a touch of pearls and gaudy gold toned jewelry to place the cherry on top. This ensemble is an amalgamation of different eras from the long string of pearls as a nod to the 1920's and 1930's and the white sequin bag from the 1970's/1980's. But what really got me for this shoot had to be shooting in front of the super old school Buick Eight vintage car posted outside of a Gold Coast restaurant. Peak vintage!


Dress: David Rose Vintage 1980's red jacket and party dress
Shoes: Riverside Vintage lavendar leather cowgirl boots
Accessories:  Vintage bracelets, pearl necklace and earrings, H&M rings, Vintage 1980's white sequin purse

Make-up Products:


Photography: Warren Alexander Photography

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  1. Love the throe back look! The vintage Buick definitely brought it to life.

  2. Anonymous10/10/2019

    Aww.. you look gorgeous! I agree, having that mental vision of something and bring it to life is the best realty for me. I too am not a fan of red. Since seeing how lovely you look I started to look around in my closet for something red now LOL.

  3. That's a really cute dress and I love the boots. You did well pulling off the look.

  4. You look beautiful! Love how you were able to pose in front of the vintage car to tie it all together.

  5. This outfit is so cute. I would have never thought to put all of these items together. See that's why I follow fashion bloggers lol.

  6. I love this color combination together. I hardly ever see it paired but it goes so well.

  7. Nice. My favorite piece is the hat. You are rocking this look.