Look of the Day: Fly Flapper

I don't wear black, but when I do? It's vintage themed and extravagant! This summer, I headed to my first day party. Chile, everybody been yappin' about day parties and I had to see what the hype was all about. It was cute! But, I think I like my night parties better.

Y'all know I don't know how to dress the least bit normal or regular, unless I'm forced to in a super professional setting. I rocked this look last year for my 26th birthday, but I like it so much better the second time around, especially since I got to shoot this look.

I actually found this Akira fringe dress while thrifting. I think it was about $8. I don't usually wear black because I love bright, vivid colors, but this dress was too legit to quit and it screamed 1920's flapper! When I was first introduced to vintage culture, one of my main influences and decades was the 20's. Back in 2002/2003, I was in 5th grade and was apart of an after school arts program called Gallery 37. At the time, I was studying radio acting and even had a starring role in our showcase. The theme was the Roaring 20's and I played a British detective in a classic "whodunnit" mystery. At the time, the 20's themed movie "Chicago" was releasing and I was in love with the fashions. Looking back, it all makes perfect sense now and was in perfect vintage alignment.

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1927 evening dresses, drop waist, hanky hem and side gathered designs

Flappers were the "hot girls" of the era. Rebels with a cause ready to party and Charleston two step to jazz in their short for the time skirts and dresses, binge drink on bootlegged booze during Prohibition, and don red lips and short bobs. At  the time, this type of woman wasn't socially accepted per say in the early 20th century. Plus with the 1920 voting rights for women (well, white non person of color women that is), it's no wonder young ladies were turnt up during the time.

While my dress is super short, even for the fly ass flapper gwurls of the 20's, it's still a chic look, but definitely a piece perhaps the good sis Josephine Baker could get away with poppin' that thing back on a French vaudeville stage. I love experimenting with different eras and styles. This definitely wont be the last I rock a 20's inspired or straight from the decade ensemble. *walks away hitting the Charleston*

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Dress: A'gaci black fringe dress
Shoes: Oka-B black rhinestone "Bella" ballerina flats
Accessories:  H&M jewelry, Babeyond Flapper Feather Headband, Xuhan Fingerless Satin Gloves

Photography: Asil Nworb Designs

Make-up Products:




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