Mielle Organics Rice Water Collection

Mielle Organics has been one of my many favorite natural hair brands for a couple of years now. After winning an IG contest, I was sent their original product line when the company was first starting out and I loved them.

Since then, I’ve become an official ambassador for the company. Recently I was sent their newest collection: Rice Water. This line promotes strengthening and retaining length, which is what many naturals have used rice water for for years in the natural hair community. 

The new collection contains the following products: 

Shine Mist

Split End Therapy 

Moisturizing Milk 

Clay Masque

As an update after using the products, the moisturizing milk and clay masque are my absolute favorites. You can never go wrong with a good moisturizer to keep your hair soft and hydrated through the week. Simple and straight to it. My thick 4c hair is never going to say “no” to a coconut oil based moisturizer. The clay masque is an absolute gem. I have used this as a “deep conditioner” every two weeks as suggested and my hair has been lush as ever with it. You can even use it on your body for the same detoxifying benefits. 

As for the shine mist and split end therapy, I don’t wear hairstyles that would require any shine mist and the split end therapy hadn’t shown any major changes as I typically cut split ends off. However, the first two products I mentioned can stay on my “favorites” list forever. 

Have you tried Mielle Organics or their Rice Water Collection? 



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